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N.Y. Congressman Meeks Newest Co-Sponsor Of Visa Waiver Bill


Jamaica, N.Y. (2/10) .. Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) (center), added his name to the list of co-sponsors of the latest proposed legislation expanding the Visa Waiver Program and finally allowing Polish citizens to be included. Shown thanking him for his support are: Chet Szarejko (left), chairman of the Polish American Congress Political Activities Committee and Frank Milewski, president of the PAC’s Downstate New York Division.

N.Y. Congressman Meeks Newest Co-Sponsor Of Visa Waiver BillCongressman Gregory Meeks, Photo by Polish American Congress

Getting Poland into America’s Visa Waiver Program has been the Polish American Congress’ goal for several years.  The year 2011 ended in disappointment when such legislation failed to be passed.
But 2012 begins with the re-introduction of similar proposed legislation with a new label: Visa Waiver Program Enhanced Security and Reform Act.  It is identified as H.R. 3855 in the House of Representatives and S.2046 in the U.S. Senate. 
Congressman Meeks is Senior Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a longtime friend of Mr. Szarejko.  In addition to discussing the Visa Waiver bill at Rep. Meeks’ Jamaica (Queens) office, Szarejko sought the Congressman’s support for the idea of having New York State schools expand their curricula to teach more adequately the important contributions to America of Poland’s Thaddeus Kosciuszko.
The Polish military engineer served under Gen. George Washington in America’s War of Independence and helped make the Battle of Saratoga in upstate New York the “turning point of the American Revolution” by his engineering skills.  Gen. Kosciuszko also built the fortifications around West Point where a monument honoring him stands today.
When Gen. Kosciuszko wrote his last will and testament in the United States, he left his estate for the purpose of liberating African Americans forced into slavery, thereby earning for himself the title, “America’s First Emancipator.”
Contact:  Frank Milewski
              (516) 352-7125






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  • Let Matt Kalinski st mk 02-13-2012 02:06
    Let Matt Kalinski stay in the US and even homeless and hungry work privately in science on US soil even if F-1 visa status states different which cannot apply to his case; It is the Poland his place of birth and Polish passport which blocks him from this. His PhD from the University of Rochester is not valid there: Sign the petition: ht tp://
  • Poland not ready for anonymous 02-12-2012 11:06
    It is highly unlikely that Poland will join VWP before 2030. The average income per capita in Poland oscillates today according to the CIA around 12 000 USD placing Poland as a costumer of US living, shopping and hotels just slightly above Mexico. It is growing approximately 1000 $ a year and will reach the one of VWP Greece in 2011 not sooner that in 30ties. Despite the propaganda of success of Polish government the true economic situation of Poland producing roughly 1/6 of the value produced yearly by Germanic with more then half of Germran population is still critical. Mexican and US ghetto-like looking neighborhoods are not just looking. They really are. Poland stopped to produce their own affordable new motor vehicles like everything else higher tech because the iron curtain of Berlin wall when opened showed the true level of Polish technology of lower soviet civilization sealed by the tenseness of soviet warheads start up butterfly effect during the cold war. New Mexico replacing sovietism and communism is appeared to be all around putting cheap colorful labels of commercial posters on soviet concrete post nuclear block buildings and architecture. Now matter in the European Union or not Poland with lousy transformation to capitalism over lat twenty year became only new Mexico and is not ready for normal 3 % VWP at all. It is easy to build weapons but it is not easy to produce to live.

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