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New Loyalty Program for Parcel Shipping to Poland & Europe

Polonez Parcels     23 sierpnia, 2019

New Loyalty Program for Parcel Shipping to Poland & Europe

We are the largest licensed company sending personal and commercial parcels from the United States to Poland and other European and Asian countries.

We offer a wide range of parcel shipping services, including various shipping methods. We also offer transport services for all types of vehicles, containers and resettlement property, as well as delivery of gift baskets and flowers to recipients in Poland. As part of the Premium Express service, we provide parcel delivery to 183 countries around the world.

We have the largest number of Authorized Shipping Outlets located in almost all US states. The customer can send a package from any address in the US using our online shipping capability.

Our company has been providing services for over 35 years, giving a certificate of reliability and quality for our clients. We provide services at the highest level and at the lowest prices possible.

With our customers in mind, we have created an attractive Loyalty Program, in which by sending a package, the Customer accumulates points to obtain a discount for the next shipment.

polonez shipping loyalty program parcels to poland europe

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